Underwood - Astronef (incl. Integral Bread Remix)

Underwood – Astronef (incl. AlBird Remix)

Hailing from Pau, France is the newest member of the Tanzgemeinschaft roster, the talented Underwood.

His mastery of the synthesizer and melodic programming set him apart from the over-saturated production crowd. His emotional arrangement and compositions with a hint of experimental undertones make him one of the most eagerly anticipated artists to be released on our underground imprint.

His first effort on our Antwerp, Belgium based label is the “Astronef” EP. Underwood flexes his melodic muscles on this release and shows his diversity as a producer by taking the listener through a melodic and emotional journey in his original track “Astronef”.

Release date: 06/06/2019
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

Keeping a prime time pace “Astronef” is a harmonic trip through the capabilities of synth that will not soon be forgotten. Berlin’s Ballroom Records head honcho AlBird takes Underwood’s original work and takes us further and deeper down the rabbit hole with an unbelievable hard-hitting Techno remix that could possibly dominate your playlists in the Summer of 2019.

Underwood completes his debut with a Techno infused, dance floor banger called “Production Line”. With a haunting vocal and driving kick. This track is nothing short of an adventure for any music enthusiast. With this track expect the unexpected.

With a perfect string of Top 100 Beatport appearances, we at Tanzgemeinschaft feel that this release will further etch our name in the ever-growing underground landscape for years to come.


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