We absolutely love demos. But do make sure you do your best to send us good stuff, stick to the genre: Melodic Hosue & Techno. On top, do make time to introduce yourself. Please no bullshit like “I let the music speak for itself”. We’ like to know who we are dealing with.

We take the time to carefully listen to music, so please be patient. You are not the only one sending demos. It might take some time to get back to you.

Do know we put a lot of effort into every release. Once selected, it will be hard work do you as well. We as a record label promote the label as such and the work released on it, but not you as an artist. We are not your managers/social media agency/pr agency/ …. you and only you are the ambassador of your music. We assist in promoting your work. So, promote the hell out of it once released.

We are a small independent record label and do everything with passion. We expect nothing less from you.

Your demo

Please use Dropxbox, Google Drive or a orivate Soundcloud link.

Demo policy

  • First of all: BE PATIENT
    If your music is as good as you think it is, it will be timeless. Wait at least 2 weeks as we also have other stuff to do. Give us some time to listen and sort things out.
  • Always make it as personal as you can
    Add an intro and a bio. We’d like to know who we are dealing with. Add a little background: previous/upcoming releases, influences, what is important to you (no need to brag).
  • The right label
    Stick to the genre of the label. Have a listen to our releases! Never send demo mailouts to ‘undisclosed recipients”. If this is the case, we don’t even bother. Never send your demo to multiple labels at the same time. Make a shortlist and focus on them.
  • Sending your demo
    No direct downloads or attachments, we do not like viruses.
    Don’t send snippets, ideas or add files with voice-overs ‘this is a demo’.
    Don’t send more than 3-4 tracks. Make sure the links you send work. Double-check, please.
    Don’t send the same demo more than once.
  • Your files
    When uploading .MP3, make sure it’s a 320k file. Preferably a mastered .wav so we can test it.
    Put in your artist name + title in the file name.
  • The music
    When you see you have loads of plays, and you haven’t managed to sign a deal, the track might not be as good as you think.
    If you recognize plays and did not hear back, we might be busy, but then it is a no go.
    We do tend to reply, always.
    We decide if we want to do a remix and by whom.

Thank you.