Dj & producer Keef Luv's record called Farthwind

Keef Luv – Farthwind

This great man, Keef Luv has a radio voice even Barry White would get scared of. We are wondering why Keef Luv did not start a career as a singer. You can catch him daily on

He is up for one banger of a release on the label. Three original workouts that’ll leave you worn out after dancing.

Release date: 02/12/2020
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

Farthwind is a catchy groove that starts with a regular 4/4 beat. Then pots and pans kick in. This is not your ordinary dose of techno kicking in. You’ll be left high on beats after you’ll move on to the next track. Farthwind can be the soundtrack for a marching rhythm. A hall of people moving and singing ‘rooock to da beat”. Nostalgic sounds combined with great energy.

In for a thrill? Hop on this euphoric ride called ‘Ketamine’. You’ll slide into a world in which all senses will be triggered with great percussion, a hypnotic groove and rolling beat. Fluctuating atmospheres, strong emotion & polyrhythmically playfulness will lift you up to higher grounds. Freaking awesome if you’ll ask us.

Give me the Didge is filled with distorted sounds. Very experimental and raw underground sounds. This is Berghain material.

An evolving exploration of glitch and harmony which yield a mind-expanding debut.


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