Stelarik - Phantom

Stelarik – Phantom (incl. Pedro Sanmartin remix)

Here comes a revelation. This duo, Stelarik, create a mix of organic elements from progressive house and melodic techno in their sound.

The Stelarik sound comes from the mixture of the many of analog synthesizers from Moog, Roland, etc.. In interaction with this are the many drones and atmospheres to create this outer space, dystopian kind of style.

Release date: 30/07/2020
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

Phantom is like Hellraiser. Once you’re hooked, it will tear you apart. No escape possible. It’s a well-orchestrated progressive-house workout that will smash you in the face after the piano intermezzo and lift you up until you feel no more pain.

Empress is no lesser groove. A catchy bass line will pull you in while it gets enforced by a strong melodic & pulsating groove. Adding some bombastic sounds near the break, make this one is a workout for those wide-eyed, hands up in the air moments. Peak time galore!
Spanish master, Pedro Sanmartin already has a nice track record with releases on Univack records, NoStyleIsStyle, and more. He is in control of a remix for Empress. Adding his own flair and touch to create this amazing spaced-out version.


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