Abel Flores - Phowa

Abel Flores – Phowa (incl. Ginelio & Keef Luv Remix)

Here is a talent that is, according to us, a revelation. Hailing from Mexico comes Abel Flores. This 24-year old youngster comes with a sublime two-track EP that’ll work on your mood in a positive way.

We’ve put the Tanzgemeinschaft family on remix duty. Ginelio, who was with us on our very first compilation and will be back soon again and Keef Luv, the master at theonemarbella.com radio show.

Release date: 22/10/2020
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

Opening track “Bardos” is one big melodic banger. A slow start turns into a poisonous venom that will hit you hard around the 4-minute barrier with an epic melodic build.

Ginelio’s edit is one with vocal samples. Well though-over, keeping the original structure, taking out the punch a bit but adding a deep stretch and a layer of mystique.

“Samsara” is for those that want to keep the crowd moving. Right before that build-up peak moment. It’s a delicious slab of melodic intensity.

Keef Luv edit is a total twist and creates a real deep melodic affair. Adding more melodic elements and layers making this more than a hands-up-in-the-air banger.


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