donnerstag & Mossa - ra

donnerstag & MOSSA – Ra

American producers donnerstag and MOSSA are back with a strong melodic collaboration on Tanzgemeinschaft fresh for 2020.

Originally from the New York City area, these two colleagues met 3 years ago in the musically rich city of Philadelphia and have been making their mark on the Techno and Melodic Techno scene for the better part of 2 years with tracks supported by some serious industry heavyweights. We believe this release will further propel this American duo even further into the Melodic Techno stratosphere.

The 2 tracks “Ra” and “Waldeinsamkeit” are perfect examples of their musical diversity and growth not only as individuals but also as a team.

Release date: 26/03/2020
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

“Ra” slowly builds it’s story and becomes stronger as the piece progresses forward. Bigger energy comes flowing in after a while and works towards that moment were you see everyone doing their kinetic moves on the dance floor. It’s all about pounding, searing kicks and a brutal synth bass prevailing in this one. One word: POWERFUL.

The second track, “Waldeinsamkeit”, literally translated as “the feeling one has while being alone in the woods” is a haunting vibe laced inside of a dark atmosphere. Here donnerstag and MOSSA combine eerie vocals on top of a strong bassline that works as one with powerful stabs that lead intensity levels higher with mesmerizing synths that dive in and take the listener away.


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